Grassfed Beef and Forest-raised Pork from our fields to your table. Beef Will be Restocking Soon!

Our Farm's Story

Parker Farms Cattle & Company was founded in 2019 as an official entity, but that is far from where our story begins. My wife Chelsea and I moved onto my families farm in 2011. Our family farm, located in Wingate, North Carolina (approximately 30 miles east of Charlotte) has been in our family for over 100 years. Before the first house was built on the property my great grandparents lived in the old red barn that still stands to this day. Through the years the farm evolved and grew as my grandfather, Earl, purchased additional adjoining acres when he could. The farm went from row cropping to pasture then back to row cropping in the early 2000s when my grandfather could no longer care for the cattle on his own. Our own farming story began in 2011 when we purchased our first 4 black baldie heifers that fall. Since then we have worked continuously to improve the farm, we gradually took back the row crop fields and returned them to perennial pastures and grew our herd. In 2015 I began to learn about regenerative agriculture and sustainability through the stockman grassfarmer publication. I wanted to return the farm to the way it was 75-100 years ago, potentially even further 200-400 years, to the way the land was when our European forefathers began settling this region, to a time when the grass was so tall you couldn't see over it on horseback!

Our goal is to produce nutrient dense, high quality, and healthy meats that you can be confident in eating. We take a holistic approach to farming and consider the whole system as a living, breathing ecosystem. When we make decisions for our farm we consider how it will affect the animals, plants, soil, and wildlife.

Our grass-fed and finished beef is raised 100% of its life on pasture. We move our cattle to fresh pasture daily using portable electric fencing. This high density, short duration grazing creates an explosion of biological activity within and above the soil. By grazing in this manner we can mimic the herds of Bison that used to roam throughout the region. Lots of animals for a short time with a long rest period. The grass is evenly grazed, fertilized and allowed to fully recover before the herd returns. This benefits the animals, plants, and soil life! During winter their forage is supplemented with quality hay. The cattle are finished on a high quality mixed annual forage. We ensure our cattle are handled using low-stress techniques and are never given antibiotics or added hormones.

Our Forest-raised pigs are heritage breeds (yorkshire, hampshire, and duroc) and are grown in the woods where they forage on grasses, legumes, forbs, roots, and whatever other goodies they dig up from the dirt. The pigs are rotated to fresh pasture regularly, only visiting the same paddock twice possibly 3 times a year. Their forage diet is supplemented with locally grown and milled Non-GMO grain. Our hogs are handled using low-stress techniques and are never given antibiotics or added hormones.

Thank you for visiting our website and considering supporting our farm! We are truly living out our dream of raising our kids on our family farm! None of this would be possible without the support we receive from you, our customers, and for that we are truly grateful.

Travis & Chelsea Parker