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Protocol List

List of terms we use to describe how we raise our animals.

  • Ethically Raised

    We prioritize animal welfare. Our animals are raised where they have plenty of space to roam, move freely, and behave according to their natural instincts.

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  • Forest-raised

    Our pigs are raised in a woodland setting where they are frequently moved to fresh paddocks. They feed on roots, nuts, grasses, forbs and anything else the forest provides.

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  • Grass-fed

    Our animals thrive on a rich and diverse forage diet including multiple species of grasses, legumes, forbs, brassicas. When we say they are grass-fed that is exactly what we mean, they are never fed grains.

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  • Grass-finished

    Our animals are finished on grass-only. Our cattle are 100% grass-fed and finished. They are finished on a variety of flush forages including grasses, legumes, forbs and brassicas.

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  • Humanely Handled

    Our animals are handled using low stress techniques and are treated with dignity and respect. We prioritize the health and well-being of our animals.

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  • No Added Hormones

    Our animals are never given any growth hormones.

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  • No Antibiotics

    The animals in our meat program are never given any antibiotics. Any animal that becomes ill and needs antibiotics is removed from our meat program and sold as a cull animal.

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  • Non-GMO grain fed

    Our animals diets (pigs) are supplemented with locally grown and milled Non-GMO feed rations. Our pigs are never fed any GMO-grains.

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  • Pasture-raised

    Our animals live 100% of their lives on pasture. They are moved frequently to fresh pastures and are free to roam their paddocks and soak up the sunshine.

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Purchasing grass-fed beef and forest-raised pork from a family farm online offers the highest level of trust. You know exactly where and how your food was produced. Here at Parker Farms Cattle & Company we strive for sustainability and the upmost integrity in our management practices. You can rest assured that our Grass-fed and finished cattle and forest-raised pigs were raised right here on our pastures in Wingate, North Carolina, we can ensure they were cared for ethically and humanely. We believe there should be more transparency in our food system, that is why we share our farming experiences on social media where you can see exactly how your food is raised.